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Do you want to become a member of The LGBT life? Excellent! We look forward to meeting you.

The section is currently being filled in. Soon there wiill more information.

Satzung "The LGBT life" 

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Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft

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Protokolle der Vorstandssitzungen

December 2020

Protokolle der Vorstandssitzungen

-Choosing a servicing bank;
- Sending a request to meet with a notary;
- Otherwise;

April 2021

Protokolle der Vorstandssitzungen

1. Interim report on the implementation of the project "Queer TikTok House";
2. Approval of the hygiene concept of the “Queer TikTok House” project;
3. Approval of official statement checkout Walt;
4. Discussion on programme items "5 steps against refugees";

Join: Резюме
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