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Fatal Flash called for a response to the situation with the murder of an Iranian gay man.

Iranian media reports on the murder of a 20-year-old Iranian gay blogger. According to human rights activists, Ali Fazeli Monfared, known in social networks as Alireza, was abducted and beheaded in early May in the city of Ahvaz in southeastern Iran. An Iranian gay man became the victim of a so-called "honor killing" after he was not accepted into the army because of "sexual depravity."

Alireza Fazeli-Monfared

On May 4, Alireza Fazeli-Monfared (pictured) was allegedly executed by his siblings and cousins after learning of his "disgraceful" exclusion from the armed forces because of his homosexuality.

At 19:00, Alireza spoke to his mother on the phone for the last time. Later, his half-brother came to pick him up and said that his father wanted to see him. The 20-year-old homosexual was taken by car to the village of Borumi, near the city of Ahvaz. There, other male relatives were waiting for him, who executed the young man by cutting off his head, and left the body by a tree.

After the massacre, the killers called their mother and told her where to look for the body. The woman was hospitalized "in a state of shock."

According to PinkNews, the boyfriend of the deceased, activist Aghil Bayat (Aghil Bayat) said that shortly before the death of Alireza was going to run away to him in Turkey.

Fatal Flash

Fatal Flash called on the world community to react sharply to the murder of a person by the entire world community. She wrote about this in her Instagram "I believe that now, the entire world community should react sharply to the situation with the murder of a gay man Alireza Fazeli-Monfared, whose body was beheaded in one of the forests in Iran !

For me, it is still a shock why in Muslim countries death is the "norm" of the norm! I really believe that the entire international community should condemn such actions and do everything to change the situation in the countries where this happens. If this happens , then we, the people, should be ashamed that we do nothing!

We must not be silent about the murders! They need to be shouted about loudly! The opposite attitude to the person and the neglect of life !

I invite the entire international community to pay attention to the situation with LGBTIQ rights in Iran. Save their lives and save their future!" - says the post.

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