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Fatal Flash signed "The Grundgesetz für alle" petition. "That has to change now"!

When the Basic Law of Germany came into force in 1949, it was formed on the basis of the lessons of the inhumane policy of National Socialism. At the very beginning, in article 3, paragraph 3, the prohibition of discrimination is enshrined:

"No one may be discriminated against or preferred because of his or her gender, origin, race, language, country and origin, beliefs, religious or political views. No one can be harmed because of their disability»

But despite their systematic persecution under the Nazi dictatorship, queer people were not mentioned.

As a result, for decades, gay and bisexual people could be prosecuted under the infamous article 175.

"To this day, queer people are deprived of the protection against discrimination in Germany, which is enshrined in the Basic Law. We want to change that now.

The amendment to Article 3 is currently being discussed in the Bundestag. This is an opportunity to finally extend the ban on discrimination for the protection of sexual and gender identity.

We demand a basic law for everyone, which guarantees ALL people protection, equality and dignity" - reads the petition published on the portal "All out".

Fatal Flash

Fatal Flash also joined the company and signed the petition. "Yes, Germany has written and approved enough laws and regulations that protect our community from a lot of things. But the prerogative and the main lever of enforcement and protection is the Basic Law of this country. It is time to amend it and add an article on protection against discrimination and assault. I believe that such changes will have a positive impact on the protection of human rights and the development of democracy in Germany. Everyone deserves to live according to how they want it. And we want the rights of everyone to be protected equally, including through the consolidation of such protection in the basic law of Germany. That has to change now!"

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