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Merry Christmas and Happy New Уear!

Dear friends! Well, the year 2020 is coming to an end. A year that undoubtedly tested each of us for strength and endurance. This year, we learned what it is to work from home, wearing masks almost without removing them. We have mastered new types of greetings and ZOOM events. This year has taught us a lot. But it's time to say " Bye " to him and wait with anticipation for the next one, which will bring a lot of light and good, I'm sure of this because there is always a light behind the black stripe. We stood it for a year, together, for which I say THANK you to everyone. Thank you for your unity, fortitude and faith in a bright future. Thank you for coming together and becoming a United front to confront the terrible circumstances of this year.

I wish you happiness, health and love in Christmas and new year. Let the atmosphere of kindness, happiness and understanding reign in every home. Support each other. Support your children, accept them as they are. Be able to give love and care to your neighbor.

Let this year, everyone who is not accepted by his family, will be reconciled to it and they will become his support and support. Hug your loved ones and family. Give them your love and care. Forgive all the insults.

Let the New Year bring into our lives only the best, light and pure that is possible. Let not extinguish the light of love in our eyes and the desire to give this love to others. Merry Christmas friends and a happy New Year.

With kindness and love,

Your Fatal Flash.

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