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20 years T.A.T.U - 20 years Putin.

Fatal Flash organizes an exhibition showing the rule of a homophobic president.

Fatal Flash and Misha Badasyan as TATU.

Human rights activist, lawyer from Yekaterinburg Nikita Tomilov, also known as drag queen Fatal Flash, who organized an initiative group “LGBT Life” in Berlin, whose purpose is to support and help integrate LGBT refugees in Germany by attracting their participation in various creative and social projects, organizes an exhibition about Putin and T.A.T.U.

- The project "20 years of TATU - 20 years of Putin" came to my mind at the beginning of this year. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, my friend and colleague Misha Badasyan and I wanted to hold a number of events dedicated to the activities of the T.A.T.U group, in order to show the importance of this group for our community. The plan included workshops, lectures and meetings that were supposed to talk about the activities of the group, but the most key moment was the march, in which about 100 participants were supposed to take part. With this march, we wanted to draw public attention to the problems of human rights, namely the rights of LGBT people in Russia and the post-Soviet countries.

One has only to look at what is happening with our community in Poland in order to understand that homophobia has not been eradicated. But now, we have changed our plans and are planning to hold a 2-day exhibition that will show 2 sides of Russia from the beginning of the 200s to the present. This exhibition will feature photographs and videos of the group in which they express their feelings openly and uncensored at their concerts, as well as during the reign of President V.V. Putin, (in photos and videos) who since the beginning of his reign began to wish the life of LGBT people in Russia is impossible. With this exhibition, we want to show the public that the problem is not in the community, the problem is in the top of the government, which silences everyone who wants to say something about same-sex love" - Fatal told

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