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Congratulations on the day of visibility of bisexual people.

Today is the day of visibility of bisexual people. I want to congratulate all my bisexual girlfriends and friends who are trying to fight against existing stereotypes and prejudices about bisexuality. I know it's not easy when you're forced/forced to be an outcast in both the heterosexual world and the LGBT community.

Biphobia has many manifestations, but perhaps the worst of them is the attitude to bisexuality as a game. By this attitude, we degrade the dignity of people who have the right to their identity, just like heterosexual and homosexual people and all other people.

Why is biphobia scary? Because no one talks about it and almost doesn't think about it. The phenomenon of bisexuality is invisible in the overall picture of identities. And when something is invisible, it is no longer important. Let's not let bisexual people's questions disappear. Let's stop discriminating against each other and measure the size of discrimination. I congratulate everyone on the day of visibility of bisexual people and I want to say: you are not alone!


leader of The LGBT life group

Fatal Flash, as well as my team.

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