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Fatal Flash "Homosexual treatment practices must be eradicated"

The leader of the initiative group "The LGBT life" Fatal Flash believes that conventional therapy, which is supposedly aimed at treating people from the vices of homosexuality, should be accelerated everywhere and forever.

"Treatment for homomexuality is barbaric. Nobody chooses their orientation. Gays, lesbians and other members of the LGBT community do not choose their orientation. These qualities, beautiful in my opinion, endows us with nature. No one has the right to correct this by interfering with the human psyche" - says Fatal.

The European Union has developed a "Strategy for Achieving LGBTQ Equality 2020-2025"

Specific tasks are set for each of the directions. For example, to combat discrimination, it is guaranteed to improve legal protection against discrimination; promote integration in the workplace; combat inequality in education, health, culture and sports; and protect the rights of LGBTQ applicants for international protection.

To ensure the safety of LGBTQ people, it will provide enhanced legal protection for LGBTQ people against hate crimes, hate speech and violence; enhanced measures to combat hate speech and misinformation on the Internet directed against LGBTQ people; reporting on hate crimes against LGBTQ people and sharing experiences; protection and promotion of LGBTQ people's physical and mental health.

In addition, the Strategy also includes building an LGBTQ-inclusive society, ensuring the rights of LGBTQ people in cross-border situations; improving legal protection of rainbow families in cross-border situations; improving recognition of TRANS and non - binary identities, as well as intersex people; and creating an enabling environment for civil society.

The Strategy also highlights the EU's role in achieving equal rights for LGBTQ people around the world:

Discrimination, violence and hatred against LGBTI people are contrary to the fundamental values of the European Union and must be eliminated. Together, we can break down barriers to LGBTIQ equality and make clear progress towards the EU by 2025, where LGBTIQ people in all their diversity will be safe and have equal opportunities to participate fully in society and thus reach their full potential.

Why is the European Commission's strategy for ACHIEVING LGBTQ equality 2020-2025 important?

The Strategy States that the European Commission will facilitate the exchange of best practices among EU member States on ending anti-LGBTQ practices.

Harmful anti-LGBTQ practices include:

-operations and medical interventions on intersex infants and adolescents without their personal and fully informed consent (genital mutilation);

-forced medicalization of TRANS people;

-conversion practices aimed at LGBTQ people.

Conversion practices are defined by the report of the UN Independent expert on SOGI as " profoundly harmful interventions based on a medically false perception that LGBT and other gender-diverse people are ill, causing severe pain and suffering, and resulting in long-term psychological and physical damage.”

The inclusion of conversion practices, i.e. any form of so – called “conversion” or “reparative therapy” in this list, is an important step to minimize the risk that LGBTQ people, especially children and adolescents, will be exposed to this harmful practice.

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