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Fatal Flash I visited the Center for Democracy and took part in the recording of a podcast.

Fatal Flash and moderators Claudia and Katja

The chairman and founder of the organization The LGBT life e. V. took part in the recording of a podcast at the Center for Democracy in Berlin. Fatal spoke with the podcast hosts Katerina and Claudia on the topic of democracy, and also answered the question about how she sees the upcoming elections on September 21, 2021 year.

"Refugees need to make a program about the political model of Germany, so that they can understand the structure of this country and the political force. Because you need to vote wisely and understand the strength and capabilities of the candidate for whom you are voting and who will represent your interests in parliament in the next 5 years. After all, if a person has the resources and opportunities to solve problems that are important to voters , then you can ask him for it. And if the opposite is true, then no. Every time we cast our vote, our choice should be based not on the beauty and beautiful speeches of the candidate, but on his strength and capabilities that he can attract to solve the problems of his electorate" - told Fatal about the possibility of giving stateless refugees the right to vote in elections.

Fatal Flash

The interview will be broadcast on July 18 from 16:00 to 18:00 on Radio Alex Berlin Livestream & Fragen über die Chatfunktion on YouTube-Livestream

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