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Fatal Flash released a video for the song" Malchik gay " by T. A. T. U.

German Drag Queen Fatal Flash released a video clip for a song by the popular Russian-language band T. A. T. U. in the 2000s. the Shooting took place at the SANA Berlin hotel. The main role in this video was played by the famous model VitaliyOrlovxxx. In the picture "girl" calls a guy to the hotel in order to have a good time with him. In the process of "fun", the guy finds out that in bed with him is not a girl, but a guy, which turns him on even more.

The film was directed by Arle_tim, a friend of Fatal Flash. He also acted as the screenwriter of this video.

"I am very happy that my fans will finally see this work. We shot this video back in the summer. We have known and been friends with Vitaliy for a long time. When I first conceived this video, I immediately saw him as a gay guy. And I think he did a great job of it. Now we are completing the project "20 years of T. A. T. U. youth, freedom" in which this video was shot. The project will end with the media exhibition " 20 years of T. A. T. U. - 20 years to be presented."- Fatal said

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