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Fatal Flash: "We must use the creative potential of refugees"

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Yesterday, at a conference with the Berlin Senate on migration, socialization and labor, I presented the project " 20 years of T. A. T. U. Freedom. Youth" that we did with my team "The LGBT Life".

Well, first of all, I would like to say that it was an honor for me as a fairly novice CEO to present this project to the Senate of my city.

But the presentation went well, and I'm happy about it.

During the discussion and a small block of comments, I heard one very cool review, which I personally consider very important in our work.

- We need to let the refugees show themselves. Use different talents that they have for good-said one of the participants of the conference.

- It's true,- I thought. - We must give refugees the opportunity to realize all their talents. Teach refugees to create their own projects.

We attract refugees to participate in our projects, but they do not have the right to vote, they do not create something with their own mind and skills. In our projects, we must give refugees the opportunity to take the helm of the ship they are participating in. No, of course, the project organizers should always have plans A,B,C, etc., but the refugees themselves should create the basis of the project. this will give them an excellent development of their potential and an understanding of what works and how.

I liked this idea and I'm going to implement it in my work.

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