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Fatal Flash: "We should not be afraid to defend our rights where the law allows us to do so".

Fatal Flash

Friends! When I started working for human rights, I swore to myself that my top priority in this field would be to protect HUMAN rights!

Now, together with my colleagues, my team "The LGBT ife", we are conducting this activity together.

You know, most of us are afraid to fight for their rights, even when they live in another country, considering that in a new country for them, everything is just like in the old one. The police and the Prosecutor's office will not work and will not protect his rights. I can say with RESPONSIBILITY that in GERMANY YOU ARE under the PROTECTION of the STATE in the most direct sense.

When I had a case of an attack from my neighbor and a threat to my life and safety, I went to the police and wrote a statement about bringing the culprit to criminal responsibility. Yes, friends! I went and did it because in Germany I want to feel safe and I know that the law allows me to count on it!

Today I received an answer that the Prosecutor sent my case to the court for the issuance of a court order to impose a fine on the perpetrator. And I was glad of it! A person has committed a crime and must be punished in accordance with the law of this country. Which will now be implemented.

Answer from prosecutor's office

We should not be afraid to defend our rights where the law allows us to do so. We must defend our own interests and help others in this matter.

Know that you can always contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary assistance. I have fought and continue to fight for everyone who is subjected to actions that violate their rights!

And now, we do it together with the team!

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