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German Court: The words " Mr. " and "mrs." are discriminatory.

Ticket purchase form on the deutsche bahn website.

The District Court of the German city of Frankfurt ruled that the words "Mr." and "mrs." are discriminatory.

The verdict recognizing sexual deviations, the court issued after the complaint of a certain resident of Frankfurt am Main, who could not buy a train ticket, because on the website of Deutsche Bahn there are only two options-Herr and Frau. A citizen who positions his "gender identity" as "non-binary" sued the German Railway, and a judge upheld the claim.

According to the judge, the state-owned company violated the client's right to privacy.

"The general consensus is that the form of address is central to the manifestation of a particular gender identity, "the judge said, calling on companies to offer a"gender-neutral option."

However, the right to monetary compensation to the plaintiff was denied. In turn, Deutsche Bahn said that the transition to a gender-neutral form of treatment takes a very long time.

Earlier, EADaily reported that in 2019, the City Council of Hanover adopted "Recommendations for the introduction of a gender-neutral official business language", which introduce the so-called gender asterisk (*), thereby ignoring the gender of a person. And then the Minister of Family Affairs of Germany Francisca Giffay made a proposal to remove the words "father" and "mother" from all official forms, replacing them with "parent-1" and "parent-2". The initiative was criticized only by the Alternative for Germany party. A source: EurAsiaDaily

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