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LSVD "New information specifically for transgender refugees"

Transgender people face particular challenges in the asylum procedure and in accommodation. Many transgender refugees also want to go through a transition period in Germany. Some have already started it in their own country or while fleeing, others would like to start in Germany and are therefore looking for reliable information. The guide for transgender refugees and migrants can now be found on the Queer Refugees Germany website. However, in practice, it is often very difficult for transgender people to obtain certain medical services for them during the ongoing asylum procedure. Berlin LGBTI organization Schwulenberatung Berlin published an examination

In recent years, the problem of LGBTI refugees has gained increasing importance and attention. However, the special needs of transgender refugees were often not taken into account when developing consultation materials. The rubicon LGBTI Community Counseling Center in Cologne and the Trans * NRW Gender Diversity Network have developed a guide specifically designed for transgender refugees. The guide explains the terminology, provides information on possible stages of transition in Germany, and lists useful contacts with trans * organizations and the trans * community. The LSVD Queer Refugees Germany project has adapted and translated the texts so that they can now be found on its website in the menu item Trans * available in nine languages.

In addition to reliable information about the asylum and residence procedures, many transgender people need medical services during the transition period. However, they have only limited access to medical care during the ongoing asylum procedure; therefore, they are too often denied the necessary medical services. The examination published by the Schwulenberatung Berlin on access to trans * - specific health services for asylum seekers focuses on the legal requirements of transgender refugees for medical care. Authors of Dr. Lena Krek and Maya Markwald present the legal basis for why transgender people have the right to full access to the health services they need during the transition period, even during the asylum procedure.

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