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Media project "20 years of T. A. T. U. Freedom. Youth".

Fatal Flash and Micha Badasyan

Today we present to you the media project "20 years of T. A. T. U. freedom youth" which we have been preparing for the past few months.

With this project, we want to show how important a contribution this group has made to LGBT culture and how lousy the policy of President Vladimir Putin is now.

As part of this project, you will see the exhibition "20 years of T. A. T. U. - 20 years of Putin", in which you will see the period of formation of the T. A. T. U. group and how the President's homophobic and barbaric policy towards human rights in Russia is rapidly developing.

Also, within the framework of this project, You are invited to take part in various interesting activities for which we will give participants small prizes.

Welcome friends!

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