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Refugees should not dictate their rules in other countries.

Recently, French President Emanuel Macron, in connection with the growing pressure and criticism of state policy from refugees, said that in France, immigrants and refugees will not dictate and impose their rules on French citizens.

"Immigrants teach that France cannot be respected. They teach that women are not equal to men and that girls should not have the same rights as boys. I tell you this very clearly: not in our country."

Fatal Flash, the leader of the initiative group, also supported this position of the French President in relation to migrants and refugees.

"I also adhere to the position that if you are a refugee in another country, then be kind to live by its rules, foundations and laws that existed before your arrival! You can suggest changes and contribute to them if you wish. But you do not have the right to impose your own rules, according to which you lived in your country! Your task is to socialize in this society, not to set your own rules. I believe that we, the refugees, are of course a vulnerable group. But as for me, some refugees use this position to manipulate the state in which they are located. This is unacceptable. We should not demand special treatment. We must not persuade the citizens of the country we are in and impose our own rules on them. This is unacceptable. Now I see that refugees have a lot of problems, but I also see that the European States are doing everything to help them socialize and adapt. Foundations and non-profit organizations help in applying for a job, searching for apartments or just support any initiatives of the refugees. I'm talking about Germany now. We must help this country protect us. This position of the state of France, or any other state in Europe, is not prejudicial to refugees or does not put refugees in a bad light. This is just a kind of appeal to the refugee with a request to respect the traditions, foundations and laws of the country that gave the refugees protection, material support, and the opportunity to start Zheno with a clean face away from danger and fear."

Banner "Your children will pray to Allah or die.

More recently, in Germany, refugees from Arab countries hung a banner on one of the bridges with the inscription: "Your children will pray to Allah or die."This statement caused a huge uproar in the global and human rights community in Europe. Since this is a direct hint of coercion and, moreover, an open threat to the life and health of the inhabitants of this country. This is not the first time that refugees are trying to undermine the democratic system of Europe with their radical actions.

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