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"Sugar Daddy" or Internet Scam for gays.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

All of You probably know very well about this new type of earnings as "Babby - Sugar Daddy". This type of earnings appeared in the United States. Men are called upon to maintain sexual relationships, usually longer-term, with much younger partners or partners who will get a tangible return. A woman who supports a man financially is sometimes called a sugar Mama. Unlike a man who enters into a short-term purely sexual relationship for a fee, sugar daddy or sweet mommy often sees himself as a "patron", "sponsor"."Or" Sponsor". The corresponding partners are called Sugar Baby , trophy wife , boy toy , BabyBoy , Kitten or boy toy (English toy , "toy" and boy , "boy").

In order to maintain a relationship, the younger usually expects material respect from the older partner - this can be money, livelihood, or goods, but also career growth. This type of relationship is mainly characterized by the financial dependence of the Junior partner, while the relationship structure and its individual interpersonal rules are determined by the senior partner. In fact, it may be a form of prostitution in the colloquial sense, even if it is not defined as such by the parties involved, and is not a criminal form of prostitution, unless it involves sexual acts with minors for material remuneration.

In Europe, there is even a special website where you can start communicating with people who are ready to support you financially. But not all shugar daddies are so harmless.

Josh (on the pisture) introduced himself to Andrey Cryptocurrency specialists.

As part of our project "Law Buro", we were contacted by 2 people, one of whom suffered from such "Sponsorship".

At the request of applicants, we will tell their story, replacing their real names with fictitious ones.

Andrey (name changed), has been living in Berlin for more than a year. Like many other LGBT people, he is a refugee who receives an average German social security refugee allowance, which is barely enough to live on.

Once, in the Dating app Hornet, he received an email from a man who introduced himself as Josh. The message read: "Hi, my name is Josh and I'm sugar daddy who is looking for a baby to take care of for a generous reward." The message also indicated the phone number to which Josh asked Andrey to write messages for further contact with him.

Contact was made. In the correspondence, Josh said that he is 40 years old and introduced himself as a cryptocurrency specialist who is originally from the UK and is in Berlin on a business trip.

He made nice comments to Andrey about his appearance and promised him an allowance of 2,500 euros. Andrey Just needed to be loyal, not let daddy down, and be honest with him.

Nothing complicated, right?

Josh told him that he was ready to pay the first allowance for him and start working with him. According to Josha, for Andrew, this would mean that Josh trusts him and is ready to support him.

Initially, Andrey's monthly income from his daddy was 2,500 euros.

Andrey, of course, was happy about this event, and agreed to be what his daddy wants him to be.

Josh just told Andrey (since daddy works with cryptocurrency) that all you need to do is buy a steam card for 70 euros and tell daddy the number of this card, which would allow him to transfer his money from a cryptocurrency account to a Bank account.

Andrey bought the cards, sent the code to daddy, and waited for the promised money.

But daddy was in no hurry to fulfill his promises and asked Andrey to buy another such card, but for 100 euros, which would allow him to set up an automatic payment in the system so that his child would receive his subsidies. Andrey doubted for a very long time, weighed All the pros and cons, assessed the situation from different sides of the pros and risks.

Meanwhile, his daddy was courteous, caring, and gentle with him. He asked if he had eaten and confessed his love for him.

Andrew still sent the last 100 euros, but before that he asked if it was the last payment, to which daddy said that "Yes", "You can trust me", "I swear that this is the last payment".

But daddy did not calm down and said that the system through which the money will be spent needs another 50 euros. And here Andrew realized that he was thrown. And cruelly and naively. Vladislav (name changed), to whom daddy promised a payment of 3000 euros, also got into a similar system. He had to send the money to a PayPal account. But when it came to the payment, daddy said that you need to buy a steam card for 50 Euros. Without it, the system does not skip the payment. Vladislav, who was well acquainted with the Paypal system, realized that this was a divorce and stopped communicating with this person.

Fatal Flash, Human Right activist

Fatal Flash: "In this situation, a lot of funny things, to which Andrei, was led unquestioningly. Of course, who does not want to earn money, especially in such an easy and extraordinary way. Scammers in this case, choosing their victims, know exactly what to put pressure on. They probably track them down for a long time and collect information about them for some time before writing to them. Fraudsters have a psychological profile of the victim, which allows them to put pressure on the most vulnerable spots. A refugee, seeing such money, will bite, because this money promises him a good life. In this case, the scammers succeeded in doing what they wanted. In my opinion, doing so is disgusting. But legally, the fraudster got out of the water because money was not transferred to his account. Money was laundered by debiting from gift cards, which, in principle, is not legally fraudulent. In this situation, the person himself acquired this card. He did not send money to the fraudster directly by bank transfer to bank details, which means it is almost impossible to prove the fact of deception. Earlier, the same story was with "Nigerian Letters", but now it seems like a new trend Sugar Daddy. Since now we are faced with such a problem, I would like to appeal to the entire LGBT community. If you or your friends encountered or found themselves in such a situation, then know that this is a deception. DO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR DATA. DO NOT BUY ANY CARDS. AND IMMEDIATELY STOP COMMUNICATION WITH SUCH PERSON, PLACE IT IN THE BLACK LIST".

REMEMBER: Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. This saying has been tested over the years!

Please contact us for help or advice.

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