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DeutchePost has made changes to its customer service policies.

Now, officially, DeutchePost has fixed in its rules, and therefore made it into them, that the official document certifying the identity of the client, according to which parcels and other items can be issued in post offices, is:

"The following identity documents are allowed for receiving shipments at the branch:

Official identity card issued by the authority, with a certified photo, the owner's handwritten signature and, if necessary, a personal description, such as B.

- Residence permits for the implementation of the asylum procedure in Germany,

- Certificate of residence (with photo),

- Certificate of tolerance( with photo) "

Fatal Flash was officially notified about this today from the main office of the company.

Earlier, in the internal rules of the company it was written that the identity of the client is certified only by the national passport of the person.

Aufenthaltsgestattung zur Durchführung des Asylverfahrens

Fatal Flash began to deal with this case at the end of last year, when according to the rules of the company Aufenthaltsgestattung zur Durchführung des Asylverfahrens (residence Permit) was not an identity document for the delivery of parcels.

Then even the German anti-discrimination Agency, on her complaint, recognized their actions as discrimination against refugees on ethnic grounds and instructed them to bring the company's internal rules in accordance with German laws.

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