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Fatal Flash "I consider this barbarism on the part of the people of Georgia."


Fatal Flash and activist Dania Najjari

Today, I would like to raise another topic about homophobia and denial, the unacceptability of freedom in Georgia (Tbilisi). The guys from the organization @tbilisipride wanted to organize a pride parade that would unite the LGBTQ community in Georgia and give a new round to the development of human rights problems in this country. But unfortunately, the organizers found resistance in the face of the country's leaders and supporters of morality and family values! In the office of the organization, flags were shot down, people were pelted with bullets, just so that they would not show how good it is to live freely, in love and solidarity with each other.

I consider this barbarism on the part of the people of Georgia.

As well as from other peoples who think so!

And I want to openly state that we are fighting for every representative of our community to feel safe and protected from the lawlessness that is happening in countries such as Russia, Georgia, Syria, Iran, etc. Everyone deserves to love and be loved!

My team from the organization @lgbt_life_europe@queer_tiktok_house and I are working with the community in Georgia and we send them support and rays of love!

The sooner each of us understands that love is beautiful, the sooner harmony will come in the world! Shame on those who do not understand this and do not want to understand it! I sincerely feel sorry for such people, because they will never know the true power of true love!

* According to the organization Tbilisipride on official account in Instagram: ▪️Today ar-right groups broke into Tbilisi Pride office and completely destroyed it

▪️Today the violent thugs stabbed a Polish tourist four times for wearing an earring (assumed he was gay)

▪️Today more than 40 journalists were severely beaten

▪️Today the EU flag was removed from the building of Georgian Parliament

▪️Today Tbilisi Pride organisers were chased endlessly with the aim to catch them and prosecute them.

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