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Fatal Flash on blocking videos in TikTok: "We will seek justice and an apology for this action"

the first video lock

On July 7, 2021, on the official TikTok account of the Queer TikTok house project, the guys posted a video in which they expressed support for the LGBTQ * community in Georgia. The video has gained more than 11 thousand views, more than 3,000 likes and more than 100 comments. But a day later, the platform removed this video under the pretext that it contains hate speech. The attempt of the project manager and the chairwoman of the organization The LGBT life e. V. to appeal against the decision did not help. The platform only changed its decision to another "H

Fatal Flash

arassment and bullying".

- In our video, we just showed the real problem of our community and its participants from Georgia. There were moments in the video where people are beaten and maimed. We urged those who see the video to come to their senses and give more love to others. - says Fatal. There are no hate speeches, or harassment and bullying, as TikTok says in the video. Blocking videos violates many laws and rules of modern society. My team and I intend to apply to the supervisory authorities in order to resolve this issue and restore not only the video but also the honor of all those who are also unfairly blocked for good content. It seems to me that the platform was simply afraid of the popularity of videos about human rights and thus wants to shut the mouth of those whose videos with this topic fall into the recommendations.

After the appeal, TikTok did not restore the video, but only changed the reason for blocking

According to Fatal, TikTok's jurisdiction extends to America and therefore this case will be resolved with the help of American organizations or even an American court. - Since TikTok's jurisdiction is located in America, the solution to the issue will lie in the field of American law and the US judicial system. But I have already enlisted the support of my colleagues from America who are ready to advise me and be there at the time of solving this issue or negotiating with local services.

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