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Fatal Flash "Violent excesses against the police in parks"!

Recently, I have read in the police reports that there have been many attacks on the valiant defenders of the order of our city and country. There is a confrontation between the police and citizens. For the most part, this applies to parks, squares and open areas where people gather on weekends to relax!

I have repeatedly said that the police, even if they disperse "parties" in parks, generally act within the law and opposing it - you do not express your opinion, but violate the law and put yourself at risk. It is impossible to behave aggressively and even more so to cause pain to law enforcement officers. I am very ashamed that lbdi consider themselves those who can express their opinion through violence and threats! Especially the police. We all want to relax, especially now it's summer. And the police give us this opportunity!

By stealing from the police, you are setting a bad example! And here I will say this: whoever violates the law must be punished! And there should be no exceptions! In order to preserve the lives and health of citizens, I consider it quite appropriate to name measures in the form of temporary closure of parks! Every violent case should be investigated and the perpetrators should be punished!

I express my support and wish the injured policemen a speedy recovery


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