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Help us save those in need! Fundraising to support LGBTQ* from Russia.

Mobilization in Russia is gaining momentum every day. The Russian government is taking everyone to their certain deaths under bullets in this war it has unleashed. Many LGBTQ* people from Russia are asking us to help them leave the country because they do not want to die and want to live in safety and peace. Very many of them do not have any financial means at all, much less any savings. But these people need help and protection in the countries they want to reach. That's why we have created this humanitarian action to help those who have no money to leave the country. With your help, we can help move applicants who come to us to safe countries and pay for the costs of visas, tickets, and lawyers. You can express your support financially by sending us a donation via bank transfer or Paypal.

Together we can help our communiqué protect and weaken this war, thereby bringing its end closer.

Our Bank Daten: The LGBT life e.V. Kontonummer: 191042242 Bankleitzahl: 100 500 00 ​IBAN: DE48 1005 0000 0191 0422 42 BIC: BELADEBEXXX bei der Berliner Sparkasse Our Paypal: Your donations are tax-free. For amounts up to 200 euros, please attach your bank statement and simplified donation confirmation to your tax return. For larger amounts, specify your address. We will be happy to send you a donation receipt by mail. If you want to make regular donations or make in-kind donations, we will certainly be happy to help. For all information about donations, please write to

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