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Spirit day. Important day for the LGBT+ community.

On Thursday, October 15, the world celebrates the day of the strong in spirit (Spirit day). This is a day when people talk about bullying of LGBT+ youth and dress in purple to make this issue more visible.

This day was first held in 2010 by canadian schoolgirl Brittany McMillan as a reaction to the large number of widely reported suicides in the media and social networks related to the bullying of LGBT students in 2010.

After supporting Spirit Day by the GLAAD organization, many Hollywood celebrities began wearing purple on this day to show their support, and many websites added a purple hue to their design.

In October 2018, for the first time, an action dedicated to the day of the strong in spirit (Spirit Day) was held in Runet.

Fatal Flash

"Previously, I did not celebrate this day, as I did not know about its existence at all. But now, I'm together with my community, and I can say. Each of those who have already come out, who live openly and perfectly with themselves-these are strong - minded people. We've been strong since Stonewall when we first started fighting for our rights and standing up for our love. Now, our entire community remains strong and continues to fight. No matter how much they want to destroy us or close our mouths, no one can do it, because our voice is getting stronger every day and hour. I am grateful to every member of the community for your courage, Your dedication to your principles, and Your love. Thank you to All those who are fighting the battle in the legal field of education, thank you to all who motivate us and those who support our desire for love. Those who share our values, our freedom. This year, on this day, we enter those who cannot be broken".

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