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The LGBT Life opens its Queer TikTok House in Germany

The leader and chairman of the board of directors of The LGBT life e. V. Fatal Flash announced on Instagram the launch of a new project Queer TikTok House, which will be implemented in Germany.

Fatal Flash

"Today, I am happy to announce that our Queer TikTok House project will be implemented in Berlin!

Queer TikTok House is a place where queer refugees will learn to work with the TikTok platform, develop their assets, and act! With this project, we want to help the refugees in this Difficult time and give a platform for emancipation, chatveposcheniya, chasveposcheniya, chasveposcheniya, Very soon I will announce the recruitment of a team to participate in this project.

There are no analogues of this project in Germany! I am happy that our project is supported at the level of the Berlin Senate and local foundations!" - wrote Fatale in my blog.

Tiktok Houses (English TikTok House — "Tiktok house") is an association of bloggers who shoot videos for the TikTok social network, who live together in one large house (mansion, cottage) and create content together. There are similar projects in America and Russia.

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