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We have started implementing the project "Queer TikTok House"

Today, our team led by Fatal Flash launched the first TikTok house in Germany for LGBTQ * people.

- This house was created to unite the queer community of Germany over the idea of creating and being creative. I am glad that today this project has come to life and that the team and I will be proud to present and lead it. I am glad that we will be able to show queer to the community and teach it creativity and creating cool things. Give them the opportunity to develop in promising areas. - says Fatal. Queer TikTok House - is a platform where you will learn how to create cool video content, write scripts for videos and just be creative to the fullest and reveal your personality and talent.

The goal of this project is to create an interesting, safe space for LGBT youth. Attract young people to creativity and the development of their talents in favorable conditions; Join the project on the website or in his social networks.

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