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People who say that young people cannot change the world are wrong. We challenge each other and the world and stop meaningless judgments and judgments of each other!  We know that people are the highest value.  We know that we are who we are.  We are unique from birth!
 We can make this world beautiful, give this world as much love as it deserves.
 We must empower everyone to shine and be heard. It's time to speak out for the people on our streets, in our cities, in our world.
 It's time for LGBT people to stop being afraid of sidelong glances, bad words.
 It's time to develop our passion, shine brightly and change the future.
 John Lennon said it best of all: “The dream you dream about alone is just a dream. The dream you dream about together is reality. "
 It is important in our life to do good to others!  It is important to support each other in their endeavors and aspirations for development.
 We want LGBTIQ refugees who come to Berlin from other countries to feel like full-fledged people here.  We felt warmth, safety and support.
 The only way to be truly happy is to love and make others happy! 

We: Цитата

"The LGBT life e.V. ” - a group of activists, artists, refugees, and just active representatives of the LGBT community created by drag Queen Fatal Flash in order to:

- Support LGBT refugees from other countries.
- Popularization of LGBT culture in the masses.
- Creating a positive image of LGBT and queer communities.

We help LGBT refugees who feel uncomfortable in their new environment to assimilate and become part of a new country by getting to know and engage them in creative projects where they can free themselves, open themselves up and realize that they are not alone and that they will always be supported in a new country and help them start a new life.

We: Приветствие

Our partners

The participants and supporters of "The LGBT life" are proud of their work. We are supported by the following partners.

We: В новостях

We, the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (LKJ) Berlin e.  V., are a specialist political umbrella organization for cultural education and are supported and designed by 49 state working groups, associations, organizations and associations.  We represent around 400 individual institutions from music, theater, games, dance, visual arts, film, literature and new media.


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